Monday, February 1, 2010

Kreativ Award

Oh yes, I am lazy. Shockingly lazy. But sometimes I am so lazy, I will do things I have been meaning to do while I am actually putting off other things I have to do. In fact, that is how I accomplish anything.
So then, one of my favorite awesome blogs, No Smoking in the Skull Cave, gave me a big old blogger thumbs-up with the Kreativ Blogger award, so I have to spread around the blogger adoration. Despite my laziness. Which they totally KNOW ABOUT, somehow.
As a recipient of this award I now get to hand it out to 7 bloggers for their raging unbridled creativity:
1. Persimmons Gal (Hi Kim!)
2. Stickers & Stuff
3. Kristin Elder
4. Eric Barclay
5. Sheree Boyd
6. Pencil Pocket
7. Penguin & Fish

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