Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spotnik for Sputnikfest!

oh! and here's my rough:
Based on the gigantor demand for my Sputnikgirl poster (thanks everybody!), the Rahr-West Art Museum in Manitowoc commissioned me to do a poster just for them to sell for Sputnikfest! Spotnik the Atomic Wonder Dog is a 16x20 hand screenprinted poster, hand signed & numbered edition of 100, exclusively available through the Rahr-West (920-683-4501) for $20. And yes that is metallic silver!

Sales begin today, but!
Saturday, Sept 6th (during Sputnikfest!) I will be doing a poster signing at the Rahr from 2-4pm!
Here is how to get there (and consequently to Sputnikfest.)
Make sure you check out the totally fab Artta This World art fair that will be going on outside too! Plus there will be Star Wars dudes from the 501st Midwest Garrison roaming around! And all kinds of other crazy space stuff! If you are even still reading my post this point you should totally come to Sputnikfest. If Manitowoc was good enough for a chunk of Sputnik, isn't it good enough for you? They are dressing up the COW for pete's sake!

PS. David from Stumpjack took some pics (look at the end of the set) at my Sputnik Girl poster signing at Persimmons. Warning: I do not photograph well, which is most likely one of the reasons I am not a supermodel. Thanks David, uh, I guess...

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Silver Spring: Then & Again said...

Hi Tina,

I wanted to let you know that one of your wonderful Sputnikfest posters is out here in Silver Spring, Maryland! I saw them when at Persimmons last week and knew I had to buy one. I'm just sorry that my wife Nan and I will not be able to attend the event.

I'll be framing the poster as a birthday gift for Nan and it will be hanging in her office at the School of Art + Design at Montgoemry College.

I understand you work at the Manitowoc Public Library. I'm a librarian at the District of Columbia Public Library. Tell everyone in Manitowoc that they should be very proud of their library. The setting beats anything we have in Washington, DC! I didn't have an opportunity to see the inside but the outside was very nice.

I also appreciated the historic marker outside detailing the history of your library system.


Jerry A. McCoy